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Art in the Gardens

 CPG map with Art Labels 2 

Flutter and Hum
by Mark Rivera

Flutter and Hum 2            
This beautiful, custom-made, ceramic mosaic sculpture is the focal point
of the Rose and Flower Garden.  The sculpture was designed to support
garden educational goals and uses hand-sculpted tiles to depict native
hummingbirds and butterflies visiting garden plants.  The three plants
represented on the sculpture were chosen for their value as nectar or
larval food sources for butterflies and hummingbirds and for their ability
to thrive in Davis gardens.  The three featured plants also grow in the 
surrounding flower beds.

•    Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) and the buckeye butterfly
•    California pipevine (Aristolochia californica) and the pipevine swallowtail butterfly
•    Western columbine (Aquilegia formosa) and the Anna’s hummingbird



 South Kiosk by Briggs and Co.

South Kiosk        
This kiosk is one of a pair that are both utilitarian and whimsical.   The
front of the kiosk has an information window and a brochure holder that
contains our Central Park Gardens brochure as well as flyers for
various plant-related events.  The back of the kiosk features a lovely
metal silhouette that depicts birds and butterflies in the Rose and Flower
garden.  The kiosk is made of steel and has a natural rust finish.



Cnawan Stone by Sandra Shannonhouse

Cnawan Stone         
This sculpture is the focal point of the Sensory Garden and features a
large basalt column engraved with petroglyphs atop which resides a
circle of bronze dancing women.  The word "cnawan" is an Old English
word that means "to know".  Shannonhouse weighs in on the piece:
"The sculpture is designed to be in a public herb garden setting and
the images on the stone reference transformation myths, and of course
herbs also relate to transformation myths."   Surrounding the sculpture
are stone seatwalls with planting beds containing fragrant, edible and
tactile plants, including many herbs.



Rick's Spot by Jane & Robert Edberg, Bill Melton, and Barry Kulmann

Rick's Spot         
This fanciful bench is made from bronze, wood, and iron and
is dedicated to the memory of Richard Blanchard.  The form of
the bench mimics a wheelchair.  The bronze plaque at the base
of the bench features a facial profile of Rick and depictions of a
chili pepper and a musical note.



Celestial Sundial by Angela Ridgway

This beautiful sundial, located in the Meadow, is made from welded
metal and features a night and day theme.  It has a tilted face, unlike
typical sundials where the face is parallel to the ground.  The time has
been set to Pacific Standard Time, which means that during Pacific
Daylight Time, the shadow will be an hour ahead.



Mediation by Donna Billick

This terrazzo sculpture is dedicated to Thomas H. Frankel,
a mediator for Yolo County, for his many years of service. 
It depicts a pair of hands in a protective form, suggesting
conflict resolution.  On the other hand, another interpretation
could be that of a gardener (with a green thumb!) protecting
and nurturing the plants under their care.



North Kiosk by Briggs and Co.

North Kiosk             
This kiosk is the mate of the kiosk above, and is just as functional and delightful.
The front of the kiosk also has an information window and a brochure holder that
contains our Central Park Gardens brochure as well as flyers for various
plant-related events.  The back of the kiosk features a different metal silhouette
that depicts sunflowers and vegetables in the Vegetable garden.  This kiosk is
also made of steel and has a natural rust finish.



Bellapede by Faducci  
This playful monarch caterpillar with many shoes is called Bellapede,
which comes from the French "belle à pied", or "beauty on foot", and
this name was chosen through a naming contest.  The artistic duo
of Faducci created the piece out of sculpted, colored cement and it
is meant to be a climbable, interactive installation.  It features seven
different pairs of shoes and socks as well as the signature "Faducci lips".
The sculpture is located at the north end of the park next to the
Vegetable Garden.

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