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Themed Gardens

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The gardens feature a broad variety of regionally-appropriate plants selected by Master Gardeners and UC Davis Arboretum staff for their educational and ornamental value.  In response to strong visitor interest, wildlife-attracting, native, and drought-tolerant plants form the backbone of the plantings.  Edible plantings connect the gardens to the bounty of the nearby Farmers Market and Davis Farm to School Connection programs. 

The long, narrow site is well-suited for separation into several distinctly themed “garden rooms” that visitors can stroll between.  Click each theme garden title to see pictures and a description of each garden.

  • Rose & Flower Garden – a garden of roses and nectar plants for butterflies and hummingbirds

  • Sensory Garden – a garden of drought-tolerant aromatic herbs and perennial edible plants

  • Meadow – a garden of ornamental bunchgrasses and bulbs

  • California Native Borders – native plants selected for their suitability for home gardens, drought tolerance, and value for wildlife habitat

  • Vegetable Garden – a garden of annual edible plants

  • Beneficial Insect Habitat Border – plants that attract beneficial insects for natural pest control in the nearby vegetable garden

  • Waterwise Garden – a garden of drought-tolerant landscape plants that do well in Davis


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